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Call for Nominations!

Posted 3 months ago by Lisa Rodriguez

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Calling all OSAOHN members,

Spring has almost sprung and it is time to submit nominations for our officers for the 2018-2020 term. This is your opportunity to honor your peers by nominating them for one of the positions below. In addition, if you are interested in increasing your professional practice, having incredible fun and learning about professional Board processes - then we encourage you to nominate yourself!

The open positions for the 2018-2020 term are:

(1) President Elect, (1) Treasurer, (3) Directors (one Director Position is for one year), (2)) Nominating Committee Members.

                                                                   Description of Position Duties

President-elect: Attends the quarterly meeting and summer Board retreat, assumes duties of the President (as needed), is chair of the Membership Committee, and succeeds to the office of President at the end of one term as President-Elect.

Treasurer: Attends the quarterly meeting and summer Board retreat, is Chair of the Finance Committee, deposits money of OSAOHN in a bank approved by the Board, keeps itemized records of receipts and disbursements, pays all bills approved by the President, works with tax and investment consultants, and makes financial reports at the Board meetings and meetings of the membership.

Board of Directors: Engage in oversight and governance of the activities of the association and perform duties as assigned by the President, including the chairing of selected committees.

Committee on Nominations: Develop the slate of candidates for the ballot, prepare and distribute the ballot, and are eligible to service as chair of the committee in the second year.


Please suggest on the nomination form attached one or several members who you think may be good candidates for these positions. You are encouraged to nominate yourself! There are advantages of working with your Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses – it is a great experience, incredible networking and actually can be fun! Shake it up and get involved.

Due back by March 6th!!!

Please mail your completed nomination form to Meg Gustafson, RN, COHN, 9216 Sterling Creek Road, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530 or email meggustafson@bc.com if you have any questions you can also call or text Meg @ 541 601-4761.

The door that nobody else will go in seems to always swing widely open for me”. – Clara Barton

                         Make your nominations! Let’s make this 2018-2020 term the best yet!