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Learn How to Use Biological Monitoring to Assess Chemical Exposures

Posted 7 months ago by Kate Wood in Occupational Health

The American Conference of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) is offering an asynchronous on demand professional development course (PDC) on how to use biological monitoring to assess chemical exposures.

The target audience for this PDC includes industrial hygienists (occupational hygienists), occupational health nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals associated with worker health. This is an introductory course intended for scientific beginners in this field of study, or practitioners with limited experience in biological monitoring. 

Biomonitoring can help in exposure assessment of specific chemicals and characterization of exposure pathways. Biomonitoring is especially useful when the chemicals enter the body through inhalation and skin. Traditional industrial hygiene air monitoring can only assess airborne exposures. Biomonitoring may be interpreted at group or individual levels in conjunction with ACGIH Biological Exposure Indices (BEI) values.

This course consists of three modules:

  1. Module 1 is an introduction to biological monitoring, including a brief description of the basic science behind BEIs. It also includes other topics such as when and how to use biological monitoring and BEIs.
  2. Module 2 describes the basics of skin absorption of chemicals and how biological monitoring can assess workers' overall exposures.
  3. Module 3 discusses ethics around biomonitoring and describes the issues associated with privacy and reporting of results. Biomonitoring data is quite different than industrial hygiene data because the specimen came from a worker's body.

Earn 2 Education Contact Hours
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Credits for this course will be obtained once individuals pass a quiz for each of the three modules. 


Subscriber Price - $120
Non-Subscriber Price - $150

To purchase the course, go to

Store - Biological Monitoring in Occupational Exposure Assessment - ACGIH Portal


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