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OSAOHN Partners with AOHP to Prepare for GOSH 2025

Posted 4 months ago by Kate Wood in Occupational Health

Program Planning for the 2025 Oregon Governor's Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH) Conference has begun. Started in 1944, this biennial conference continues to be the premier workplace safety and health event in the Pacific Northwest.   It will be held in Portland March 3-6, 2025.

Over 1300 people from two dozen industries and specialties attended the more than 160 sessions presented at the 2023 conference.

For many years, the Oregon State Association of Occupational Health Nurses (OSAOHN) led planning for the Occupational Health/Medicine and Health Care Industry tracts for the conference. This year, the OSAOHN Board has reached out to the Association of Occupational Health Professionals (AOHP) to partner in the development of topics and recruitment of speakers for the conference.

Your OSAOHN team this year is Chapter President Jean Drevdahl-Orchard, Board member Kate Wood and member Wendy Boughton who works for SAIF.

We welcome AOHP Board members Andrea Dayot, OHSU Director of Occupational Health and Natlie Dutro, OHSU Manager of Occupational Health.

Reach out!

  • Tell us how you want to be involved.
  • What topics are important to your practice?
  • Who are high quality speakers?
  • How do we promote the value of Occupational Health Nursing?

Network with other occupational nurses, industrial hygienists and safety professionals. Be part of the professional community. 

Mark your calendars for the 2025 GOSH. Plan your budgets. Put it on your schedule!


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